Tiffany diamond pendants
Tiffany & Co is the high-end brand in the world of diamond jewelry. Established in 1837, the brand is known for its statement engagement rings and tiffany diamond pendants. This most-iconic brand started its journey at small stationery and fancy goods store and quickly became the only choice for fashion-aholic ladies. The store offered watches and jewelry inspired by American fashion rather than the Victorian style which was then opulent.
The brand soon received international recognition when it received grand prize for silver jewelry. Only in 1878, Tiffany started its diamond jewelry that is now deeply marked in history.  It was then, the company discovered yellow diamond in the mines of South African diamond mines at Kimberley. Originally, the diamond is available in 287 carat which is later polished to 128.5 carat with 82 facets. This maximizes the brilliance of the diamond making it sparkle at every angle. After being assembled in a necklace in mid 50s, the diamond came to be known as Tiffany diamond for its excellent cut and supreme warranty by the company itself. This developed a high end reputation for the brand and became the most luxurious brand across the globe with its clientele from Hollywood celebrities to royal families of Europe and Arab world. In 1887, Lewis Tiffany bought 1/3rd diamonds from French crown jewels thus earning him the title of “King of Diamonds”.
However, the company is known for its stylish  tiffany diamond pendants. are famous across the globe. Their intricate designed necklaces and pendants are a perfect wedding gift for those who can afford. Every woman dreams of their exquisite pieces that bespoke love, warmth and style; that is why, number of retail designers try to copy  tiffany diamond pendants. that are available at a relatively low price. Each tiffany article is different from the other but novelty and uniqueness is common among all of them.
To find out the latest designs as well as its antique pieces, you can go through their Blue book Catalogue which was published in 1854. It showcases the craftsmanship of its out-of-the world designs for contoured jewelry. tiffany diamond pendants. is made up of breath-taking rare gemstones that speak volumes about poignancy.  Not only, it collects rare gems but also explore new metals and materials used in tiffany diamond pendants.  In 2012, it introduced Rubedo metal that captures daylight and glows on the skin making it exquisitely unique. The most popular necklace in tiffany diamond pendant collection is the yellow diamond – the sunshine diamond.  This exquisite piece is world’s largest and fanciest piece that was cut and polished in Paris and was showcased to the dignitaries at Elysees flagship store. The golf ball-sized golden glow is now put on display in 5th Avenue store for tourist attraction. 
In 2012, it celebrated its  175th birth year. To honor, the celebration, company has reset its gorgeous Tiffany diamond into new settings.  It took a year for Tiffany to create this masterpiece that has 128.54 carat jewels. This year, it showcases its yellow diamonds that shine bright as sunlight. These perfectly toned diamonds are ripe with colors giving heartfelt warmth to your whole aura even in cold winter.  This yellow diamond was displayed first in Tokyo, Beijing and Dubai, later it returned back to its home town New York.
It was named Tiffany diamond as it speaks the brands philosophy of hope and optimism. This diamond is still not on sale but the company designs a huge collection of yellow diamond jewelry including
tiffany diamond pendants.. This collection speaks of American democracy thus providing luxurious ornaments to those who can afford.