How to Take Care of Diamond jewelry NYC
Diamond – the hardest and indestructible natural substance on Earth needs utmost care to preserve its brilliance. However, you need another diamond to cut a diamond yet a small blotch of oil can destroy its radiance. Deposits of dirt can damage the sparkling appeal of this exotic gemstone in no time. So here we will be sharing few tips with you to maintain an everlasting shimmer in your
diamond jewelry from NYC.
 Handle it with care:
Diamonds attract dirt and grease that is why; it easily layers up on this exquisite gem. This affects the brilliance and fire of the stone making it dull and dim. It is not easy to get rid of grease and you make need to send it to professional jeweler to scrub it. Whenever you are using oil, take off your diamond jewelry from NYC  so as to prevent it from any damages.
Clean them regularly:
To keep them sparkling and shiny, you need to clean them regularly. Soak it for few minutes in a gentle degreasing solution such as dish wash liquid soap or mild detergent and then scrub it with a toothbrush. Later, rinse it off with plain water. But when you are doing this – be gentle. Do not scrub diamonds vigorously with toothbrush as you might loosen the setting. Rub the hard to reach places with the toothbrush to get rid of all the dirt. Do this once or twice a week to keep them sparkly and radiant.
 Treat them with a Gentle touch:
Whenever you are cleaning diamond jewelry from NYC , be very gentle. A hard press can break the prongs or release the tension setting. This can lead to loosen the diamond from its place and will need professional assistance for fitting it back. Whenever you are wiping diamond jewelry from NYC use a soft, lint-free towel to protect it from getting scratches.
Avoid getting in contact with harmful solutions:
Chlorine bleach and abrasive solutions damages the metal used in your diamond jewelry from NYC. It can leave permanent scratches or de-shape them which will loosen the diamond from its place. This will again require a visit to professional jeweler.
Being cautious with ultrasonic cleaners:
They are effective in removing the layer of dirt from the diamond but ultrasonic cleaners can slacken the stones from their frame. It can even loosen the girdles of diamonds that are placed close to each other. The low frequency sound waves coming from ultrasonic cleaners remove grime but if your diamond jewelry from NYC contains feather then you have to be very cautious. Before you use this machine, either check the grading report of the diamond or consult a professional. In both the cases you will have a clear idea on how and when to use ultrasonic cleaners.
When not to wear diamond jewelry from NYC :
When you are doing home chores, you should take off your diamond jewelry from NYC as it could knock into something or harsh detergents can spill onto it. All this can lead to permanent damages to your diamond jewelry from NYC so it is better to remove them before doing any arduous job.
You should not be having your diamond jewelry from NYC on when using lotions, hairsprays and makeup. The chemicals in these products can dim the sparkle of diamond and can cause scratches on the metal. So always wear your jewelry after you are done using these products.
You should not be wearing diamond ornaments when going for a swim. When the chlorinated water comes in contact with diamond, it diminishes its brilliance and can even cause structural damage.
To avoid damaging your exquisite diamond jewelry from NYC , follow the above mentioned rules.