Round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings
Rings have been an ancient token of expressing one’s feeling to the beloved. However, diamond rings gain their popularity in mid-19th century. The first to inspire this trend was Mary of Burgundy, wife Maximilus 1 back in late 15th century. For decades, diamonds remain scarce until they were discovered in South Africa in mid-19 century. But it was media only that developed the notion of diamond being the purest expression of love. Since then diamonds have been symbol of everlasting love.
 Trends keep on changing as the time passes. Weddings are same, trends of clothes designs and rings never stay the same. The round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings is getting hype again as a new trend which I adore as it is the most beautiful for engagement as well as anniversary that you can gift to your wife. round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings  style is more than four hundred years old.  You can have a single round cut diamond ring or pair it with two or three stones. A round cut diamond can also be wrapped with additional stones around it to make it more exquisite.
 The round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings  are easily available in market in all sizes depending upon the budget of a couple as it ranges from $600 dollars till $200,000 dollars. The prices varies due to  the size of the center stone and the band.80% of diamonds sold in the market are round cut diamonds which comes in variety of cut styles including Swiss cut, single cut and modern round brilliant cut. It is the most popular cut because least amount of crystals is wasted when cutting this shape. Also, round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings  have maximum radiance because of best light reflection.
The round cut diamond is ideal for people who are looking for something traditional yet classy, which could be passed down to next generations. The round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings  reflect the beauty and never let down the uniqueness which attracts people to have it. It doesn’t matter if the round cut diamond is small or large it looks amazing in all sizes. People who adore the delicacy then r
round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings  are for them it surely catches everyone's eye when you wear it somewhere.
For centuries experts have been working on its design to optimize the brilliance and brightness of diamond itself. There are grading in round diamonds, the increased ratio, and the length of the facets that affects the cut of diamonds. By keeping these things in mind you can decide whether to show hearts or arrows in the stone. Most brilliant diamonds consists roughly the same girdle thickness.
There are multiple styles in round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings  to suit different shape of hands. Brides with petite hands and long fingers usually choose thinner band and medium size of diamond. But if you want add extra sparkle to your ring; add a halo to your round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings  which gives superfluous oomph to your diamond. It also accentuates the shape of diamond. The halo and size of the diamond should be in balanced proportion to create a beautiful ring. Smaller stones usually have bigger and wider halo to make your diamond look bigger and brighter whereas larger stones have comparatively smaller halos.
The placement of prongs is also important to set diamond on the ring. The height and number of prongs can change the way the stone looks. So be very careful when you are picking a round cut diamond ring for engagement. Although round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings  are the most common ones but princess cut, emerald cut and heart-shape have also made their mark. Try on different shapes on your fingers to find the one that suits you – you can even customized you diamond cut design at leading topnotch jewelers.