Diamond studs for men
diamond studs for men
Earrings, mostly worn by women are now gaining popularity among men also. Men having piercing are now described as charming and sexy as they sport on various different styles like hoops and studs. Although earrings have been a part of men’s fashion world but today it has become a very important accessory that complements their style and aura.
Earlier it was only people like Mr. T. and George Michael who used to don earrings but now many celebrities have also supported this trend. Big names such as Will Smith, Bruce Jenner, and David Beckham have become the poster boys of this new trend which now dominates the men fashion world. However, flashy diamond studs for men are relatively a new phenomenon which has gained popularity very rapidly. They are not only a fashion statement but have deep cultural values in countries like Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. That is why, there are certain rules of when and which style of earring should be worn when making a public appearance. Although, there are loops, snug and scaffold earring that have dictated the fashion world but diamond studs for men are now the talk of town.
Not only earrings have cultural and religious significance but they are also worn for therapeutic reasons and spiritual development. The pressure on the nerves at the center of the lobe improves vision and hence, diamond studs for men have therapeutic value whereas stretching piercing to have long lobes signifies superior spiritual state.
Some people only want to wear  diamond studs for men  in one ear but which should it be: right or left.  But as rumors suggest, the side that you pick defines your sexuality preferences. Men who have pierced their left ear are considered straight while with right ear pierced are known as homosexuals. But sport it on both ears just as our celebrities do.
Will Smith, the finest actor of Hollywood is not only known for his exceptional acting skills but also for his charming fashion sense. We have seen him wearing diamond studs for men  on number of occasions from formal appearance at the red carpet to a super market outing. They are tiny but glimmer-y to catch one’s attention. Whereas, David Beckham sports rather chunky and dim diamond studs for men  that flaunts his lavish life style. Known for his expensive fashion sense, this British star adorns his rugged looks with chunky accessories.
Usher sport flashy as well as chunky diamond studs for men  that have now become a part of his personality. Though they are big but do not look gaudy at all because of the way he carries it. Keeping his attire to minimalist makes him balance his flashy diamond studs for men rather easily. Pharell Williams, the happy singer has introduced a new style of stud. His Lorraine Schwartz yellow diamond and gold studs have been the talk of town when he first wore them at 86th Academy awards.
Although this accessory asserts your fashion statement but there are certain situations where you should not be wearing flashy diamond studs for men. Such as when you are working out or playing a sport as not only there are chances of you getting injured but also it can hurt others also. The light reflecting from your studs might distract someone and can lead to injury.
However, studs suit every situation and occasion as they enhance the overall attire of men.  They accentuate your appearance giving it a sophisticated appeal. They give a subtle spark to your formal as well as casual outfits.   Now diamonds are not only girls’ best friend but also of men as few of our high profile stars and celebs have donned them at various occasions. This fad had spread in the fashion world like a forest fire. diamond studs for men  are a perfect gift for you bae but keep in mind his personality to pick up a style.