Diamond Engagement Rings NYC 
It is rightly said that diamonds are women’s best friends. With numerous types and colours available in the market, diamonds have always been one of the most liked accessory for women. New York is one of those cities in the world which not only provides various exciting entertaining places for people to enjoy but it is also a hub of amazingly designed jewellery. There are numerous jewellery stores in the city that have caught the attention of the people thought the world.
Evalina, the most popular diamond Engagement Rings NYC, is a 3-dimensional work of art, costs $17,550. The emerald centre stone is 2.50 carat and surrounded by a halo of white bright diamonds. The diamonds in this ring are studded by a series of marquise shaped bezels. It is handcrafted and is a mix of yellow gold and white. There are more colours that are available in this ring. 
It was first created by Dana & Rad to display a beautiful 5 carat round diamond. After its popularity, people have now started ordering the Designers to recreate this exquisitely designed diamond Engagement Rings NYC starting at 1.50 ct. the double sleek claw prongs is something that has added more glamour to the centre diamond which is delicately enhanced by two pear-shaped stones. This combination of diamonds have created transition and balance. The most amazing thing about this diamond Engagement Rings NYC is that no two pieces will be alike. This beautifully crafted rings takes 4-6 weeks for designing as it is made on orders. This delicate ring costs $19,860.
It is one of the most precious and beautifully crafted diamond Engagement Rings NYC . A lavish 2.80 carat antique yellow diamond with a delicate gold band makes it an expensive wear. Dana and Rad, the designers, came across this cut in Paris many years ago and designed a ring that was worthy enough to hold such a precious gem. This diamond Engagement Rings NYC is designed in a way that the main focus of it remains to the centre stone. This beautiful ring costs $14,900 and is one of a kind. 
Gemma, another beautiful diamond Engagement Rings NYC , is designed with such delicacy that it has an ultra-thin band with low profile setting and 4 sculpted claws. This beautiful ring has a centre diamond which adds glimmer of light in its own special way. It is one of the most magnificent creations in the collection of diamond Engagement Rings NYC which allows you to wear a single band or dainty diamond stacks. It takes 4-6 weeks to design this exquisite diamond ring. It is unique and no two pieces will ever be same. It is custom made and white, rose, yellow, platinum are a few more metal colours available in this ring. This diamond Engagement Rings NYC will cost you around $14,400.
The characteristic of this diamond Engagement Rings NYC is its ultra-thin body that oozes out light and sparkle. Every ring is custom made by hand and to perfection. The centre stone is placed in a way that it creates seamless transition. The ring costs $7, 700. The fine details within the style in the ring creates balance and proportion. The extra details given in this ring attracts people around the world. 4-6 weeks are required to the designers to fabricate such a delicately created piece of art. It is custom made diamond Engagement Rings NYC  and offers a few more metal colours including rose, yellow, white and platinum.
Maiya is a magnificent ring that has its own beauty and spark. A beautiful .50 carat oval cut diamond is surrounded by a halo of exquisite micro-pave. Intricate engravings and nature-inspired details are a few features that have caught the attention of people throughout the world. It is a very comfortable wear and has a unique diamond at its centre. This magical ring costs $19,900.