Diamond Engagement Rings thay you can find in Jewelry Stores in  NEW YORKC
Some wise person once said, marriage is a three-ring circus; Engagement Ring, Wedding, and Suffering. An engagement ring is a predominant factor to express the love which words fail to.
The best stories that the world has ever heard usually include three things; Newyork city lights, a treasure hunt, and a diamond ring from Jewelry stores in New York.
 Like every individual, place, event, diamond engagement rings also have a history. Anthropologists, after research work, believe that the idea of diamond as an engagement ring originated back from Roman times. In a Roman custom, the wives used to wear the keys with little rings attached. It was meant to indicate the ownership of their husbands. After that in 1477, Archduke Maximillion from Australia ordered a diamond ring for his fiancee Mary Burgundy. Did you know? 'Dia-mon-d' originates from a Greek word 'adamas', meaning unconquerable and indestructible.
 The diamond is thought to be a piece of charcoal which can handle the burden exceptionally well. The bond of engagement is meant to be the same; it is an initiation of a relation which would be imperishable. This established a new trend among the aristocrats and nobles of that time to exchange diamond rings with betrothed. There could not have been a more important piece of jewelry for aNew Yorkone than a wedding band. The circle shows the undying love and loyalty revolving around and merging into each other. 
No doubt that the biggest present comes in the smallest box. However, you can find numerous jewelry stores in New York that offer diamond rings at a relatively low rate. A tradition states that you should spend at least two months wages on buying an engagement ring from jewelry stores in New York .The final choice of a diamond ring that you can find at various jewelry stores in New York , consists of too many factors such as
1-the metal that your partner likes
2- the diamond size
3the diamond cut
4-diamond color
5-diamond clarity
All these points can make a big difference to your pocket size even if you are visting leading jewelry stores in New York :
 Newyork city is a cultural and fashion capital of the USA. When aNew Yorkone in America thinks how should they style up, they think about the trends going on in New York City. Talking about Newyorkers, a study says, that they prefer the diamond to be just like skyscrapers in the city, bigger and clearer and that is what you find jewelry stores in New York .
Keep in mind the following factors while choosing a diamond ring from jewelry stores in New York ;
1- Make sure the ring shows off your diamond clearly as much as possible, and it is not hidden in the metal somewhere
2- Buy your diamonds online from a reliable source as you will get it at discounted price, instead of buying it from highstreet. But for a fact, the diamonds you usually see in advertisements online are not real. A compaNew York named 'lionsorbet' is known to number one to produce perfectly real looking computer generated results. So be careful and protect your investment.
3- Get a guarantee for your engagement ring from the owner jewelry stores in New York .
Fun facts about the diamond engagement ring;
  • Countries like USA, Canada, and France have a tradition to wear engagement rings on the left hand while countries like Russia, GermaNew York, and India wear the ring on right hand.
  •  Metals such as platinum and white gold are considered perfect to go with the diamond in a ring, but due to their high prices a new match called palladium is providing an alternative at cheaper rates in numerous jewelry stores in New York
  • Diamonds were discovered back around 800 B.C, but they were not used in wedding rings until the 15th century.
The engagement ring is an item that is meant to remind the other half the commitment that two people will follow for the rest of their lives. So the choice should be made wisely.