Best Jewellery Stores in New York
Jewellery has always been one of the most liked accessory for women. From wrist watches to diamond sets, women always wish to wear elegant and expensive accessory. Women love wearing jewellery whether it is a girls’ day out or a wedding. Looking stunning with exquisite jewellery is something everyone wishes for. There are many renowned
jewellery stores in New York offering women with decent and unique designs.
Here is a list of the best jewellery stores if you are looking for some top rated jewellery stores in New York you. 
Wendy Mink
One of the most known jewellery stores in New York is Wendy Mink Jewellery. Here you will easily find hand-crafted jewellery designed by a team of Tibetan artisans who use hand-cut elegant Indian stones, sterling silver and gold vermeil to create delicate pieces of jewellery. Every year they release 5 collections with more than 300 styles which means you will find new and interesting designs every time you visit their store. If you are looking for something unique to wear to a party, then Wendy Mink is the best place you would find in the city.
Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany & Co. is another big name when you are looking for jewellery stores in New York City. They are known for the delicate and exquisite designs offered in the market. It is one of the must-have items in your jewellery box. Whether you are going to a dinner date or an official dinner, their elegant jewellery is something that will add glamour to your outfit.   
Belenky Brothers and Belenky Gallery
One of the most renowned jewellery stores in New York are Belenky Brothers and Belenky Gallery. Their clients are from all parts of the world such as Uruguay, Africa, China, and Bhutan, ranging from politicians, high profile celebrities, royalty and local residents to members of stock market. They have travelled around the world in search of fine gemstones for their jewellery which is something that adds the wow-factor to their beautifully designed jewellery. This jewellery stores in New York reflects innovation and elegant designs.
Liloveve is one of those jewellery stores in New York that offer its customers with the most fine quality jewellery. Whether it is a necklace or an elegantly designed ring, this is one of the stores people wish to buy accessories from. They are known for their custom-designed jewellery ranging from daily wear to engagement to wedding rings. They do not compromise on quality which makes them one of the most reliable jewellery outlets. Not only that, they also offer workshops and classes to people who are interested in crafting delicately designed jewellery.

Since its establishment in 1764, it is one of those  jewellery stores in New York that made its place in the market quickly by offering uniquely and interestingly designed jewellery. It has produced some elegant jewellery that within no time got famous. They provide their customers with handcrafted work of highest quality throughout the world. Baccarat House in Paris is a meeting place for the creators of the beautifully crafted designs.
The creations of the artistic creators is inspired by the magic of crystals and magnificent stones that are brought together to create attractive designs.
Doyle & Doyle
Doyle & Doyle, one of the leading jewellery stores in New York , is one of the names that is heard and liked by all. They have been getting the attention of the people around the world since 1998. Their highlights are a rare mix of jewels brought in from Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Retro periods by creating contemporary designs. Their wall is designed with the glass display of jewellery that include different time periods, techniques and materials thus inspiring new stylish ways of wearing jewellery. They have some extraordinary designs created by their artistic craftsmen. The Doyle sisters at their jewellery stores in New York have designed a collection of elegant jewellery that add beauty, glamour to your outfits.